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Princeton University Cataloging Documentation

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Cataloging e-books with perpetual access

Order Division
When ordering:

  1. Import or create a bib record and a MFHD with location |b elf3 and |h Electronic Resource.
  2. Bib record should NOT have an 856 field.  If one is present on an imported record, remove it.
  3. At this time the record will appear as on order in the OPAC.

When the title is activated:

  1. Create an e-mail addressed to which will generate an OPM ticket.
  2. Attach a spreadsheet containing titles and URLs to the e-mail, which will appear as an attachment on the ticket. If there is no spreadsheet, put this information into the body of the e-mail.
  3. The OPM ticket will be sent to SEERs staff for cataloging. (The tickets may be referred to other CAMs staff after an initial period of monitoring the workflow.)

Catalog Division
When the OPM ticket is received:

  1. Record will be found in Voyager. Either the copy will be accepted or researched in OCLC.
  2. 599 note Princeton permanent acquisition will be added to record.
  3. 856 will be added from the Order Div. information.
  4. 902 will be added to record.
  5. 776 will be added if separate print record is in Voyager.
  6. Record will be marked for export.
  7. If print copy exists, OPAC will be checked for bib-linking.