Print materials with associated online versions

Member and LC copy:

When cataloging a new print title, if the record contains an 856 field, determine if the online item is a monograph, serial or database. If the online version is anything other than a monograph: Refer it to the SERRM team for processing.

If it is a monograph:

  • If the information indicates that the link leads to a contents, index or abstract page or publisher’s page or other associated informational page, do not check the link, and leave the 856 field as is. Do not add a MFHD.

  • If there is no indication as to the nature of the link, or if it is indicated that the link leads you to a full text version, check the URL link:
    1. If it appears to lead to the full text, leave the link, but remove |z or |3 if present. (Subfield z is only retained in special cases.)

      • The record should have a 530 note. Accept the wording on the record or add the following:

      • Add an elf1 MFHD with |h Electronic Resource.

    2. If it leads to abbreviated data, confusing data, or if the link doesn’t work, remove the entire 856 field.


    If you know there is an electronic version, or you discover, in a brief inspection of the item, that there is an electronic version, make an attempt to find the URL for the e-version. Add the 530 "Also available in an electronic version" note, and, if you found a URL, also add an 856 field and a MFHD for location elf1 with |h Electronic Resource for the call number.