Core standard for remote electronic records



M 007-Computer file Specific material designation r:Remote *Use updated tag table file with new default values.
M 008 Date 1 serials: date of original format if known, otherwise date e-version began
integrating resources: date e-version began
M 008 Place last known place of publication If changing a print record, leave last known place of publication for the print
M 008 Original item blank or s Use blank is the print clearly precedes the electronic version.
M 008 Form of item s  
A 008 Language
A 020 ISBN e-version ISBN If print ISBN is available, put in |z
A 022 ISSN e-version ISSN If print ISSN is available, put in |y
M 040 Cataloging source    
A 1xx Main entry   *see 130 for serial w/o main entry
A 130   title followed by qualifier (Online)  
M 245   title followed by |h [electronic resource] Follows subfields a, n, and p; precedes subfields b and c
M 260 Publishing info.    
A 310 Publ. frequency    
A 362 1_
362 0_
  Print began with

[designation of 1st issue]
If changing a print record, make sure to change the first indicator.


500   Viewed on ... or, for e-serials, Description based on ... (viewed ...) If changing a print record, delete description based on note in favor of new note for e-version.
O 530   Also available ... note/Also issued ... note (wording is optional)  
M 538   Mode of access: World Wide Web.  
A 550   Made available online through ... note (with accompanying 710)  
A 6xx Subjects    
A 7xx Added entries    
A 776 1_   Entry for print version including subfields t, x, z, and/or w NOTE: one of these subfields, |x for ISSN, |z for ISBN, and |w for record control number needs to be present for bib linking to work.
M 856 40   URL  

M = Mandatory
A = Mandatory if applicable
O = Optional