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Cataloging remote access electronic serials


See CONSER Cataloging Manual, Module 31, for more detailed information and examples.


This document focuses on the cataloging of remote access serials – serials that are available electronically via the Internet.  It covers both serials that have print counterparts (whether made available online retrospectively or concurrently with print) and those that are published in electronic form only.


 See General criteria for inclusion of electronic journals in the library catalog


The Library currently provides patrons with 3 different routes of access to electronic serials:

1 - the Voyager catalog

2 - the Library's E-Journals web page

3 - SFX services (E-Journal Finder & Find it@PUL)

There is a considerable overlap among these three, but none represents by itself the Library's complete holdings at this time.  This document addresses the Voyager side of e-serial cataloging only.

IMPORTANT: Cataloging and maintenance of e-serials in Voyager usually requires corresponding work to provide access via one or both of the other two routes.


There are two basic ways of cataloging e-serials:

1 – single-record approach:

Brief information (note, link,& holdings) about an electronic serial is attached to a record for the corresponding print version.

2 – full separate cataloging:

A complete catalog record is created that specifically describes the electronic serial.

For instructions on when and how to apply option 1, see: Single-Record Approach for E-Journals

The remainder of this document covers option 2.

Codes, fields, etc. specific to e-journal cataloging:

007 Add an 007 with these values filled in. It is not necessary to complete other fields.

SMD: r
Dimension: n

008 Add an 008 with these values filled in. Original item: s (electronic) – unless e-version is clearly a retrospective reproduction
Form of item: s (electronic)
022 ISSN

If only a print version ISSN is known, use:
022 |y [print version ISSN]

If an ISSN specific to the e-version is available, use:
022 |a [e-version ISSN] |y [print version ISSN]

general variable fields If title exists also in print, record should include all of these fields, 130 0 [Title] (Online)
530 Also issued in a print version.
776 1 |t [Title] |x [print version ISSN]
245 GMD should be present |h [electronic resource]

If e-access begins with first piece that exists of title:
362 0 ...

If not,
362 1 Coverage as of [date]: ...


500 Always include this note, can be combined with "Description based on ..." note if present) 500 Title from ... (viewed [date]).
538 System notes

Should always include:
538 Mode of access: World Wide Web.

May include:
538 System requirements: ...
if the requirements are unusual

project fields If part of a project, add access point and justification for the access point. 550 and 710
or, sometimes
500 and 730
856 always add the URL 856 40 |u [URL]
holdings record 852 and 866

852 8_ |b elf1 |h Electronic Resource

866 _0 |a [electronic coverage information]
example: 866 _0 |a Vol. 38, no. 2 (Apr. 1997)+