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Cataloging Printouts of Online Serials When the Print Has Ceased

When a printout of a serial issue is sent for adding, determine first if it was printed to fill in a missing issue of a print serial. If so, add it to the print record and add an 866 field with the note: |z Some of the Library’s holdings are printouts.

If it appears instead that the print version of the serial may no longer be consistently available, follow this procedure:

  • Assume print version has ceased if no proof exists to the contrary.
  • Assume the printout is legal and doesn’t violate copyright law unless there is direct evidence to the contrary.
  • Close catalog record for the print title.
  • Catalog the online title if it is not already cataloged.
  • Add a second MFHD to the catalog record for the online title to represent the printout.
    • The call number should be the same as the number on the print version.
    • Add an 866 field with the note: |z Printout of online version.

In cases of doubt about the status of the print version, or about copyright issues, return the printout to the selector for additional information. Be sure to clarify your reason(s) for returning the printout.