ER: Single-Record Approach for E-Journals
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Single-record approach

Single-record approach for e-journals – Princeton practice, mid-1999+

See also CONSER Cataloging Manual, Module 31: Remote access electronic resources

31.2.5 A: Non-cataloging approach: the CONSER single-record option (giving access through the print/original record)

The single-record approach is a streamlined way of including electronic access information in the catalog for resources that are also held in print.  The catalog record for a print serial is used to include limited information about a corresponding electronic version.

When to apply:

Generally, use the single-record approach for electronic serials whenever there is already a Princeton catalog record for a print counterpart.

Do NOT use if:

- there is only a catalog record for a format other than print (e.g. microfilm, CD-ROM, etc.)

- the print version has ceased publication

- the online version is a database rather than a serial

- the online version has a different title, significant additional content, or other major differences that seem to warrant more extensive description and/or different access points

Special situations:

If the print version has been ordered but not yet cataloged, the single-record approach can still be used; the e-version information added to an "On Order" record should be retained when the print is eventually cataloged.

If the electronic version of a serial has already been cataloged, but a print version is acquired later, the cataloging should be revised to primarily describe the print.

If the single-record approach has been used, and the print (but not the electronic) version ceases publication, a separate record should be created for the e-version at that time.

In cases where separate cataloging is judged necessary, appropriate linking fields and/or notes on both records may be needed.

Multiple e-versions may be noted on a single print version record.

How to apply:

Two fields are added to the bib. record for the print counterpart:

530                  |a Also available in an electronic version.

856      41        |u [URL of resource]

In addition, a holdings record is created:

852      8#        |b elf1 |h Electronic Resource

866      #0        |a [Electronic coverage information]