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If your macros aren't working, try these steps to correct the problem before reporting it.
  1. If there is an icon on your desktop for the macro file, double-click on the icon. This ensures that the macro file you want is the active file.

    (If there is no icon for the macro file on your desktop, double-click on the My computer icon instead, then navigate to the path c:\program files\macro express. Find the file name of the macro file you wish to use and double-click on it. This does exactly the same as the above step.)

  2. If step no. 1 does not work, restart your computer. Logoff all programs, and choose Shutdown/Restart from the Start menu.

If these steps do no solve your macro problem, contact the appropriate person listed below.

Carol Fagundus -- ordering macros in "voymacs" file
Joyce Bell -- "voymacs" file and "All Transfer" file
Don Thornbury -- "All Transfer" file