mods:genre [Optional]

If genre is available in a Voyager record, or is otherwise associated with the resource, use it. Do not add a genre otherwise unless the project initiator requests one.

Local Practices and Interpretations

mods:genre is assigned when it is available in a Voyager record, or when requested by a project initiator. An RBSC policy and standards group has identified the following list as applicable to rare books cataloging. All have been used to some extent in Voyager records. A few local terms have been invented, e.g., Photographs, Original ‡x Illustrations in books.

aat (Art & architecture thesaurus (Getty))

rbgenr (Genre terms)

gmgpc (Thesaurus for graphic materials (LC))

rbbin (Binding terms)

rbpap (Paper terms)

rbpri (Printing & publishing evidence)

rbprov (Provenance evidence)

rbpub (Printing and publishing evidence)

rbtyp (Type evidence)

local (Local term)

Supported Descendant Elements and Attributes

Required The authority attribute value should be a code designating the resource. See the list above. LCSH genre terms should be coded "lcsh".

XML and Display Examples


<mods:genre authority="aat">Ephemera</mods:genre>  


Medium / Genre:

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