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533 7

For microform and photocopy reproductions, the following fixed fields should now be coded for the original: CP, PC, PD, PSC, D, FRQ, REG.

Fixed field type information for the reproduction is now included as a string of letters and numbers, in 7 at the end of field 533.

The code in REP continues to specify the type of reproduction; it is repeated as the last character of 533 7.

Position Fixed Field Equivalent
0PC [Serials: PSC]
1-4PD {Serials: D], 1st date
5-8PD {Serials: D], 2nd date
12FRQ (Serials); Books value: n
13REG (Serials); Books value:


1. Photocopy made in 1990 in Michigan of a book published in France in 1901.

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