Cataloging Instructions for Microform Editions
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Princeton University Cataloging Documentation

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Microform editions

  • Base the cataloging description on the microform (see AACR2 Chapter 11 and related RIs).

  • Describe the physical photoreproduction aspects of the item in the collation (3XX field).

  • Code all fixed fields to reflect the corresponding aspects of the microform. Use "u" when the actual value for these fields is indeterminable from the item in hand or its accompanying documentation.

  • Include the General Material Designator (GMD) "áh[microform]" following the title proper.

  • Formulate a 505 Contents Note for microform sets with bibliographic parts. Note the number of reels in each part. If the reels are numbered chronologically all the way through the entire set, show this in the notation.


    505 0 pt. 1. Administrative papers (10 reels) -- pt. 2. Legislative papers (23 reels).

    505 0 pt. 1. Correspondence (reel 1-6) -- pt. 2. Diaries (reel 7-16) -- pt. 3. Financial records (reel 17-23).