Cataloging Instructions for Photocopies
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Princeton University Cataloging Documentation

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  • Base the cataloging description on the original work. If available, use the title page, or other appropriate source, of the original as the chief source of information rather than the microform title frame or photocopy title page.

  • Code all fixed fields for the original work.

  • Describe the photoreproduction aspects of the item in a 533 note.

    When it is not at all apparent from the photocopy (or its accompanying documentation) where, when, or by whom it was made, do not make a 533 note. Instead, add a 590 note as follows:

    590 Princeton's copy is photocopy.
  • Photocopies are given an LC call number, just as the original work would be. Add the date of the original work to the call number, and append the work letter "a" to the end of the date.