Microforms: Post-Cataloging Procedures
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Microform Post-Cataloging Procedures

See also: Preservation Replacements from DBMS

After producing catalog record for microforms:
  1. Make 1 OPAC printout to be included with the microform (or 1 printout for each larger box of film reels or fiche, if it is a large set).
      a. Underline call no. of microform in red.
      b. Underline the summary holdings field if the microform is a set.
      c. Note if the set is complete or open.
      d. Note if a guide accompanies the piece and has been forwarded to DBMS or is being claimed.
  2. Any accompanying guides go to Shelf Direct and Binding Services, with another OPAC printout.
  3. Microforms small enough to fit in interoffice envelopes can then be mailed to the Microforms Division or other location with the OPAC printout, while larger sets should be delivered directly by the cataloger.

    Microforms Division will be responsible for labeling microforms.