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Cataloging and Processing Decisions

1. Bookset vs. MCS or CAS

The collected musical works of a composer issued in a uniform numbered series should be cataloged as a bookset, regardless of LC treatment.

2. Cover title vs. caption title

We will follow LC order of preference (Rule 5.0B1) - caption title before cover title. But, we will put the call no. on the verso of the cover (if practical - otherwise on the caption title page) and pub the Geac label on the first page.

(LC considers a "cover" to be made of a different kind of paper - color, thickness - than the main text. Otherwise it is considered a title page - MCB 16:11).

3. Title added entries

We will follow LC in making title added entries. This means also making a title added entry omitting the number when a title begins with a number, unless the title would not be traced at all, e.g., titles consisting solely of the name of one type of composition (MCB 13.1).

(As we do for books, we will continue not to make added entries substituting Arabic numerals for Roman numberals per R.I. 21.30J(9). We will suppress these added entries on original cataloging done to standard).

Titles consisting solely of the name of one type of composition (i.e. those falling under rule 25.27B) will generally not be traced.

Added entries will not be made for parallel titles that are not truly such. (E.g. Variationen with the rest of the title in German and English).

4. Uniform titles

We will follow the guidelines given in MCB 15:10.

5. 028 field

This field will not be used in the case of multiple plate numbers, but we will put the numbers in a 500 note.

6. Classification

For oversize items with call numbers ending in a key, place the size designator after the portion of the call number preceding the key, e.g. M226.B78q D maj. In all other cases the size designator comes last.

For complete or selected works use for the second cutter in order of availability: editor, publisher, title.

For items with unknown publication dates use the earlier date from the range given in the PD control field whenever a date is needed for the call number.

7. Scores with parts

Musical scores accompanied by parts should be cataloged according to AACR2 chapter 5. Add a local 590 note to the record: Parts in pocket.

Write the call number for the item on each of the parts, if possible on the fron near the top.

Add a conservation advice slip requesting the bindery to make a pocket for the parts. Insert the parts at the back of the score in such a way that they will be noticed by the bindery.

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