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Sound Recordings/Computer Data Files

Cataloging Decisions

1. Samples*: We will use the subdivision: --Samples under the headings for musical instruments and for popular music styles (i.e. all headings covered by H1161 and H1916.5) for sound recordings or computer data files consisting of collections of musical sounds, customarily used as source material for sequencers and samples. This expands on the LC explanation for the use of this subdivision. Non-musical sounds are covered by the heading: Sounds.

*From: Dobson, A. A dictionary of electronic and computer music technology. Oxford : OUP, 1992. Under: "Samplers, Sampling" -p. 137:

"The process of converting a continuous analogue signal (e.g. from a microphone) into a stream of binary numbers which can be processed by a digital computer is known as 'digitizing', or, more usually, 'sampling'. ... To avoid any risk of confusion in the descriptions that follow, the digitized sound [i.e. the sound that is being sampled] as a whole will be referred to as the 'soundfile', and each individual binary number making up the soundfile as a 'sample'. In popular usage, the latter term is freely used for both."
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