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Truncated list

truncated list

If your search matched 6-100 records.

Truncated list columns and order vary with the type of search.  The index you searched determines the sort order and what information is displayed.

Important columns to understand:

L:         One-character code identifying a designated library or program:
D = Library of Congress (DLC)
P = Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC)
M = National Library of Medicine (NLM)
G = U. S. Government Printing Office (GPO)
A = National Agricultural Library (NAL)
B = British Library (UKM)
C = Library and Archives Canada (NLC)
T = National Central Library of Taiwan (CYT)

Held:   The Held column for each entry shows whether your library holds the item, has local holdings records, and/or has contributed IR(s) attached; also shows whether IRs contributed by other libraries are attached and how many.


  • Held
    (Your library holds the item but contributed no IRs for the record)
  • Held/IR
    (Your library holds the item and has contributed IR(s))
  • Held/LHR/IR (Others: 21)
    (Your library holds the item and has both local holdings records and IR(s); also, 21 IRs contributed by other libraries are attached)
  • blank (no data)
    (Your library does not hold the item and did not contribute IRs for the record; also, there are no other IRs attached)

Holdings:  Total number of holdings