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User tools
(OCLC documentation)

Assign up to 10 generic user tools to:

  • Insert a character
  • Run a macro
  • Issue a menu command
  • Insert a text string

To assign user tool:

Click Tools > User Tools > Assign, or press <Alt><T><T><A>.


Click the icon and name on the user tools quick tool, user tools button or click the arrow to the right of the icon and name to expand a list, and then click Manage.

user tools window

Different categories make different choices appear

user tools window with macro checked

•Select an item in the list.  The list below the Display Commands for Category will show the available selections for that category.
•In the Select New User Tool list, click a user tool number you want to assign.

•Click Assign.
The client assigns the user tool and supplies a default description of the tool.

  • The description displays under Description Assigned in the User Tools window.
  • The Tools > User Tools menu also displays descriptions for each assigned user tool.

Note: You must click Assign Tool. If you only click OK, the user tool is not assigned. After you click Assign Tool, the OK button becomes a Close button.
•To view all current user tool assignments, click List All.

•When finished, click OK or Close press <Enter> to close the window.
Click Cancel to cancel changes you made before using the Assign Tool button and close the window.
To use a user tool:
Click Tools > User Tools and the tools already assigned will appear.  Choose one.

Use the quick tool user tools button

Click the arrow and select a user tool in the list, or click Manage ...  to open the User Tools window


NOTE: you must logoff and logon again for the change to take effect.