NACO series: Creating the authority record
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Creating the authority record
  1. Open OCLC Connexion
  2. Go to Authorities drop-down menu
  3. Select "Create"
  4. Select "Single record"
  5. Select "Series". At this point the series template should appear
  6. Adjust ser num if necessary
    • "a" = numbered
    • "b" = unnumbered (template default)
    • "c" = numbering varies
  7. Ref status
    • "a" = references
    • "n" = no references
  8. Series defaults to the value "a" (monographic series). If necessary, change this to the appropriate code:
    • "b" = multi-part item      Click here for a definition
    • "c" = series-like phrase
    • "z" = other
    • "n" = not applicable
  9. Name defaults to the value "n". If the heading is a name/title, change this value to "a"
  10. Input the heading and references
  11. Input the 670
  12. If the series is numbered, input the 642 field. The 642 contains both the designator when present, and the number. It always includes the symbol for PCC, and Princeton's NUC symbol:
  13. 642   2 |5 DPCC |5 NjP
    642   no. 12 |5 DPCC |5 NjP
    It should be positioned after the references and before the 643 field.

  14. Input the 643 field. This field is similar to the 260 field with certain exceptions: there is no colon before the subfield b, and brackets are omitted. All publishers appearing on the same item are given in one 643 field. Varying information from different items are given in separate 643 fields. It should be positioned after the references (and the 642 field when given) and before the 644 field.
  15. If the ISSN is readily available without any special searching, enter it in a 022 field. Use this format: 0000-0000. Do not include for multi-part items.