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General information
DCM C12 explains multipart items as follows:

    AACR 2 defines a multipart item in the glossary as "a monograph complete, or intended to be completed in a finite number of separate parts." This definition does not mean that the number of volumes has been predetermined or that this information must be available from the item in hand. Instead, it means either that the subject matter is limited in scope or that there are restrictions of time, activity, etc., that make a limitless continuation unlikely. (Do not apply the theory that one could write on any subject forever.) A multipart item may be numbered or unnumbered.

Documentation relevant to series authority work:

  • RI 1.6 and the corresponding rules
  • RI25.5B -- defining/searching for conflicts
  • RI26.5A -- references
  • some parts of Chapter 12

    For Authorities Committee use:

  • Z1, intro, 64x
  • DCM C11, C12
  • USMARC Authority Format