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SCM Memos for Common Topics

2007 NjP SACOs

SCM memos for some common topics
Following is a list of references to the Subject Cataloging Manual memo sheets for the categories of heading most frequently established. For the complete list, see the contents section at the beginning of v. 1 of the SCM.

General guidelines
Establishing certain entities in the NAF or SAF H 405
Formulating Geographic headings H 690
Music heading authority records H 250
Qualification of geographic headings H 810

Specific topics
Archaeological works (incl. sites H 1225
Awards H 1265
Battles H 1285
Buildings and other structures (incl. castles, palaces, theaters) H 1334
Buildings and structures in cities H 1334.5
Extinct cities H 715
Fictitious characters H 1610
Islands H 807
Music of ethnic, national & religious groups H 1917
Music form/genre headings H 1917.5
Musical instruments H 1161
Parks, Reserves, National monuments, etc. H 1925
Regimental histories H 1995
Rivers, Valleys, Watersheds, etc. H 800
Streets and Roads H 2098