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After a SACO proposal is submitted:
At Princeton
  • SACO proposal is reviewed for correctness, completeness of research, and construction of 4xxs, BTs, etc.
  • Proposal is input on the SACO proposal web form and submitted to LC.
    ••This process should take 1-2 weeks••
At Library of Congress
  • LC downloads the web submission to create a preliminary record.
  • Our liaison reviews the proposal for validity and sufficient authority research. He notifies us of any changes he makes to the heading, then forwards the proposal to an editorial team. The proposal is now considered "preapproved."
  • The editorial team searches the heading again, checks UFs, BT's and RTs, then adds the preliminary record to a weekly list.
  • A Cataloging Policy Specialist reviews and investigates proposals on the weekly list, and gathers comments from LC catalogers if necessary. While the proposal is waiting approval it will appear on a on a Tentative Weekly List on the CPSO web site.
  • Final approval is given (sometimes with additional changes) at an editorial meeting every Wednesday morning. Then the proposal is posted to the approved Weekly List on the CPSO web site.
  • Our liaison informs us of any final changes to the heading.
  • CDS distributes approved records in weekly tape distribution.
    ••This process should take 4-5 weeks••