SACO:When to propose a new subject heading
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When to propose a new heading

The Subject Authority Cooperative Program (SACO) was established to provide a means for libraries to submit subject headings and classification numbers to the Library of Congress.

If the book you are cataloging represents a new subject, or a non-free-floating subdivision to an already established subject heading, consider submitting the new heading to SACO. New subjects that follow LC patterns are usually quite straightforward and simple to establish. New topics can be more complicated and require more research. Decide on the usefulness of your heading and try to weigh it against the amount of time it will take you to establish it. For instance, a very obscure Polynesian language may take a lot of research and may not, in your opinion, justify the time. But don't be too easily daunted.

If you are in doubt, consult with the Authorities Coordinator.