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References for Classical Authors

Per 22.22B1, "refer from any part of the name not used as entry element if there is reason to believe that the person's name may be sought under that part." LC seldom makes such references. Only three types are (almost) always made:
  1. Refer from the heading for a classical author in direct order, not including elements which do not appear in the heading even if they are found in the piece in hand (i.e., they do not necessarily refer from the form in the piece in hand, though this is cited in full in a 670).
  2. If the heading consists solely of ism and patronymic, refer from the patronymic.
  3. Refer from non-standard romanizations found in the piece at hand, choosing the entry element for the reference (if possible) to correspond with the entry element in the heading. Do not make direct or other references from non-standard romanizations.
If you refer from elements of the name other than those discussed in 1 or 2 above, do not change the order of these elements from that in which they appear in the source where you found them.
            Example: t.p. form: Ahmad ibn Ali al-Baghdadi al-Dimashqi
correct ref.: Baghdadi, Ahmad ibn Ali
incorrect ref.: Baghdadi, Ahmad ibn Ali al-Dimashqi
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