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I would like to suggest that we devote some time to discussing
romanization.  Because the LC table is not very felicitous for
transliterating Persian, we get a variety of spellings for the same word.
In OCLC, this means lots of records for the same book.  I would be happy to
supply lots of examples.

I also have a question about using the prime mark to separate two letters
-- why is it used between two letters that would never be joined together
anyway?  For example, any word beginning with bar.  Is it to show the word
is a compound?  And why?
Persian romanization is problematic. One major problem I see is "Persian correct spelling versus LC romanization" This might explain some of the problems. The examples will help to limit our discussion to certain issues.
Your question about using or not using prime mark with "Bar" is valid. There is no need for it. I would ignore this rule. Bar is a proposition. Does not come alone. Has to be attached to following word and R is consonant. For example: "Bar" and "Rasi" which is spelled Barrasi. There is no need for prime mark.Some catalogers in general use Barrasi with prime mark because they consider "Bar" and "Rasi" combination as a compound word. I think we can be more specific in this case.
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