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Guidelines for Cataloging Persian Materials

  1. Search the bibliographic file on RLIN by author and title. If the same edition found upgrade the record according to Princeton cataloging guidelines.
  2. Romanize according to LC Persian romanization tables (ALA-LC Romanization Tables (Washington 1991) .For spelling consult Muhammad Muin, Farhang-i Farsi, 1966.
  3. Record content must be upgraded to full level cataloging.
  4. Persian series are not traced.
  5. Shamsi, Shahanshahi and Hijri dates must be converted to Western dates.
Important notes: Izafah
Arabic article AL
Arabic word IBN
The vowels and orthographic symbols
  (Hamzah, Shiddah, Maddah and Tanvin)

Arabic prayers following Persian corporate names.

Izafah: final (i) preceded by a hyphen.

    In romanizing Persian words (-i) is added to the word which ends in consonant and (-yi) when the word ends in a vowel. Examples: Khanah-i , darya-yi. Izafah is not indicated between the elements of compound personal names except when it is expressly indicated in the Persian Orthography. Example: is romanized as Khvaju-yi Kirmani.

Arabic Article al and l

    When the article functions as the middle element of a phrase or compound word or name it is kept with the name or the word. al is sometimes abbreviated as l. Romanize l as la if it precedes a name. Example: is romanized as Abu Lafazl.

Arabic word ibn or bin

    Arabic word ibn or bin "son of" occurring in names of the Islamic type usually appear in Persian Orthography as ibn at the beginning of a name and as bin (abbreviated in the middle of the name).
    Always use ibn.

The Vowels and Orthographic Symbols (Hamzah, Shiddah, Maddah and Tanvin)

    are romanized according to the rules for Arabic and Persian as appropriate.

Arabic Prayers Follwing Persian Names
    Arabic prayers are considered as a part of the title if followed a Persian personal name or a corporate body. Such prayers might be printed on the same line as the title words or on the top of a specific word. When establishing the name in NAF (personal, corporate and conference names) omit prayers.
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