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Persian NACO Manual: Personal names

Persian names, like any other Arabic alphabet names, are deeply influenced by the Arabic language. Very often they are based on Arabic usage and have adapted Arabic forms. Yet, they often contain some non-Arabic elements such as affixes which diferentiate them from Arabic names.

In establishing Persian name headings in the NAF one cannot ignore the fact that Persian names exist in their unique form and must be dealt with differently than Arabic names.

Table of contents

Types of surnames

Modern authors What is a modern author?
How to establish a modern author
Modern authors using a takhallus
Modern Arab authors writing in Persian

Classical authors What is a classical author?
Choice of entry element
Choice of additional elements

References Direct order
From patronymic in ism-patronymic headings
Non-standard romanizations
Variant romanizations
Unused surnames

Citing Information Citing from the book in hand
Dates in the heading
Dates from book in hand

Miscellaneous Information Referrals from other teams
Romanizing surnames derived from place-names

Examples from the NAF Whatever

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