Barcode Placement: DVDs
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DVDs (movies and data files)
  • Remove all shrink wrap and adhesive seals before placing barcodes on items.
  • If necessary, cover text or pictures.
  • Place the barcode on the outer plastic box, in the upper left corner of the back, leaving room below for a date due slip.  Do not cover the ISBN (if present).

    • Boxed sets should follow the same guidelines as booksets. Meaning each separately cased piece in a box should be barcoded individually. Do not barcode the box. This is so each piece can be circulated on its own.
    • Boxed sets that are not not in separate cases going to VIDL should be treated according to the content. If each DVD is a separate movie, rehouse the DVDs in separate cases and barcode them separately. If the DVDs are episodes in a series leave them in the original case and barcode the case.

    • If you are processing something which does not conform to these procedures, please see your supervisor.