Barcode Placement: Non-Book & RECAP Transfers
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Other Non-Book Situations
Summary of Placement of Barcodes for RECAP Transfers

The yellow rectangle indicates the barcode location. This is not done to scale or the "exact" location but is simply to give the general location on the item. Note that some types of enclosure will require more than one barcode.

ReCAP is the Research Collections And Preservation Consortium or our offsite shelving facility.

Container Type Recommended Barcode Location
Bound materials Upper left corner
Option for items that should not have barcodes on item use a barcode wrapper.
4-flap folder/portfolio Upper left corner
envelope Orient the envelope so the flap is at the upper back side and position the barcode on the upper left corner of the front
Phase box Upper left corner
CD & DVD Jewel Case Upper left corner of the rear cover. If CD & liner notes have Separate item records, they get separate barcodes.
Audio Discs
[LP album covers]
Upper left corner.
Options for artifactual item is a barcode wrapper.
Audio Tape Cassettes
including DAT
Front, top (short end)
All Open Reels stored in boxes
if they fit in trays.
Upper left edge of box
Video cassettes Upper left corner
Microfilm boxes Top edge of box [Location for ReCAP]
All Open Reel film
in cans(stored on edge)
On the edge
Document boxes
[legal or letter size, 5" or 2.5" wide]

Adjacent sides of a box in the upper left corner

Note: one of the barcodes should be on the end of the box that has the pull-cord

Standard Box
[Paige/Record cartons]
These are stored directly on shelf, no tray.
Adjacent sides of a box in the lower right corner
Flat box/pizza box.
Other terms used to describe such a box: clamshell, telescoping, newspaper. These are stored flat directly on shelf.
Adjacent sides of a box in the lower right corner