Physical Treatment: Piece count for item record
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Accompanying material

General policy

CD-ROMs, sound discs, computer disks

Audio & video cassettes



Serials with accomp. materials

Catalog record

Item record

Item record

Record the number of accompanying pieces including the main item in the pieces field.

Example: text volume with an accompanying CD. Add "2" in the pieces field of the item record (see the image below)

The pieces field should also be used for collection level cataloging to record the number of items included. In those cases, do NOT include the box in the count.


1 print volume with a map in back pocket ... Pieces = 2

1 score in 3 parts ... Pieces = 4

1 CD jewel case with 2 CDs ... Pieces = 2

1 boxed collection with 32 pamphlets inside ... Pieces = 32