Physical Treatment of Items: Non-Print Materials
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Call Numbers

Books: Placement on page

Writing the number

Audio and Video cassettes

CD-ROMs, computer discs

Non-print materials

Non-Print Materials
All non-print items should have property stamps and call numbers marked on them, whether cataloged as accompanying material or cataloged separately. This includes materials going to Firestone stacks, locations within Firestone and branch locations, with the exception of reserve duplicates and sound discs going to the Music Listening Center (Mlis).

The Labeling & Plating Unit will be responsible for property marking and will also be placing a label near the circulation slip in the back of the book. This will alert circulation staff that the item contains accompanying material.

  • Exception:
    CD-ROMs will be property-marked by the cataloger.
For specifics about accompanying material in various formats, see: Print items with accompanying material in another format (Physical Treatment)

Accompanying material to unbound journals will be property stamped at check-in by the Periodical Check-in Unit.