Using the annexing macros in the "voymacs" file

    The "voymacs" file has general use macros for sending items to both Annex A and Annex B.  There are other files with macros to assist with specific large-scale transferring projects.  If you have a need for customized transferring macros, consult Joyce Bell to see what macros are already available.

     Technical Services and Rare Books staff:
    Use of these macros does NOT automatically create statistical entries, the online form should be filled out with a total count of the number of pieces annexed. The form is available at:

    How to activate the macros:
    Any of the macros can be accessed from the annexing menu with Ctrl + Sh +a

    The macros also have individual activation keys:
     win+n ANXA, no items
     win+a ANXA, 1 item
     win+i ANXA, more than 1 item
     win+p ANXA, from item, only fixes item

     win+k ANXB, no items
     win+h ANXB, 1 item
     win+j ANXB, more than one item
     win+l ANXB, from item, only fixes item

    How to use the macros:
    The "no items", "1 item" and ">1 item" macros all start with the MFHD.  With the MFHD record open, either click anywhere in the 852 field, or make sure the pointer is in that field then activate the macro.  The "only fixes item" starts from an item record and it meant to be used in conjunction with the ">1 item" macro as described below.

    "no items" will fix and save the MFHD and create a new item record.  You will scan in the barcode and save and close the item record and close the MFHD.
      (your preferences must be set for the proper item type default)

    "1 item" will fix and save the MFHD, open, fix and save the item record, then close both records.

    ">1 item" will fix and save the MFHD and open all (or most) of the item records
      (use this macro first then use the "only fixes item" macro on each item record)

    "only fixes item" will adjust the location and item type and save and close the item record.
    (use this macro after using the ">1 item" macro--keep using it until all the items are fixed)