Annexing Serials and booksets - partial runs

Do not attempt to do this procedure without proper training. Contact Maryann Langer, Catalog Unit V, 8-2309 to schedule a training session.

NOTE: Before any annexing work is done, the Annex Notification form should have been submitted and approved.

NOTE: Serial volumes may not be duplicated in an annex and a location. If what you want to send to the annexes is also held in another location, you may not annex it. No more than one copy of a bookset may be located in the annexes, (see Revised Annex Policy, Addendum to Library Council Summary, 7/29/1993) If there is already a copy in either annex, you must either keep the item(s) or send them to Cataloging Unit V for withdrawal or further inspection,.

NOTE: Each volume being annexed must have an item record in Voyager. If not, add item record(s) to Annex mfhd as per step 7 in this procedure.

Adding to a run already in annex

Adding Annex as a location

When in doubt or if there are ANY questions regarding this procedure, call Maryann Langer, Catalog Unit V, 8-2309.