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Changing the format of a cataloged item

If you need to change the format of a record already cataloged in Voyager (e.g., turning a monograph record into a serial record), please follow these steps.

  1. Go to Record menu>View line items in acquisitions. If there is an order attached to the record, do not make any changes without consulting an Order Division manager. Changing the bibliographic record also changes information on the purchase order and the invoice. In most cases, auditing requirements will indicate that the bibliographic record not be changed, but suppressed and a new bibliographic record created. If there is no order attached to the record, proceed with steps 2-5 below.
  2. Change the leader values to the desired codes.

    1. Changes to the Type of Record and Bibliographic Level codes in the Leader will change the 008. Some 008 values will be lost, so be sure to double-check the new 008.

  3. Re-mark the record for export.

  4. If the Voyager record has an 035 field with an RLIN id number, delete it.

      The discrepancy between the format indication in the id number, and the format of the record will prevent the record from loading into RLIN.

  5. Delete the existing record from RLIN.

      Retrieve the record in RLIN and make sure that the status is "p". Open the the holdings segment, put a "d" in the INS field and enter the record. If you are unable to perform these actions with your RLIN login, send a printout to HaRMS (Cat Unit 4, Holdings & Record Management Section)