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Retrospective Conversions

Recon Cataloging with Variant Edition Copy

Refer to: Recon Cataloging with Matching Copy

Recon Cataloging with Variant Edition Cataloging is generally the same as with matching copy, with some exceptions.

There will be situations where the variant edition copy may contain data which is pertinent only to the specific edition of the work it represents, and is not relevant to the edition represented by the card.

Conversely, essential data represented on the card may not be present on the copy.

Always be sure to make the proper adjustments to the variant edition copy and to make sure the copy contains no extraneous bibliographic information irrelevant or inappropriate to the work represented by the card in hand.

Be careful particularly of the following control fields: PC, PD and the following variable fields: 240, 260, 300. Specific instructions for cataloging with Variant Edition Copy are included in the Cataloging Instructions.

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