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Reprint series

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Reprint series
A reprint series is a series that originally appeared on the work that is being reprinted. A series that appears only on the reprint edition and was not on the original work is not a reprint series.

In the catalog record the reprint series is transcribed in the 534 reprint note in the ‡f. The 4xx field should be used only for series pertaining to the reprint edition.


534 Originally published:‡cNew York : Acton Press, 1989. ‡f(Monographs in church history ; no. 12)
830 _0 Monographs in church history ;‡vno. 12.

In some cases, both the new edition and the original have series statements:

440 _0 Classics in women's history
534 Originally published:‡cLondon : Macmillan, 1925. ‡f(Great women of today)
830 _0 Great women of today.

How to treat reprint series:
When establishing a reprint series in an authority record in our catalog, add (reprint ed.) to the series decision field:

667 Numbered series (reprint ed.)

If the series is already established in an authority record in our catalog based on the original edition of a work in the series, and the same decision applies to the reprint series, add (original and reprint eds.)

667 Unnumbered series (original and reprint eds.)

If a different decision applies to the series on the reprint edition than that which applied to the series on the original edition, record both decisions in the local series authority record:

667 Cataloged as a serial (original ed.); numbered series (reprint ed.)

Downloaded NAF records use the note "photo-offset reprint" in a subfield 5 in the 64x fields to indicate reprints. If the decision applies to both the original and reprint editions, two subfield 5s will be present--one containing only a library symbol, the other containing a library symbol plus the photo-offset reprint note.

    reprint edition only: 646 ‡a s ‡5 DLC photo-offset reprint
    reprint and original: 646 ‡a s ‡5 DLC ‡5 DLC photo-offset reprint