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Checking treatment decision and adjust copy when needed

Heading validated: If Voyager's authority validation screen has the message "Heading validated", match the values from the authority record to this table to determine what adjustments are necessary:

Authority validation message:
645 value:
646 value:
what you need to do:
Heading validated
nothing; close the authority record and resume processing
Heading validated
this is a CAS record; if the CAS number is appropriate for your location, copy the call no. in the 090 or 050 field and use it, along with the volume number in the MFHD
Heading validated
any value
this series is not traced; adjust the copy so that there is no 8xx field, and the 4xx field is a 490 0_

Nonexistent heading: Click on the search button to check Voyager for any variant forms of the series title. (Sometimes there are qualifiers added to common titles).

If you find an authority record for the same series under a variation of the title which appears on your item, the copy will have to be adjusted.

The 4xx field must match what appears on the item. If a 440 field does not match the series authority record, turn it into 490 1_ and create an 8xx field for the form that appears on the authority record.

copy: 440 _0 History of women ; |v 12
series authority record: 130 0_ History of women series

Change copy to:
490 1_ History of women : |v 12
830 _0 History of women series ; |v 12.

If you do not find an authority record in Voyager, search in the NAF in RLIN. (Use the tp or hp search with final truncation). If you find a record, verify that it is for the same series, then pass and import the record into Voyager. When you go back to your bib record and save it, the series should not appear as validated.