Cataloging Unit 2: Taxonomy
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A study aimed at producing a hierarchical system of classification or organisms.
    Search the The Taxonomy Database NCBI/GenBank from the National Library of Medicine.

    McGraw-Hill dictionary of scientific and technical terms 5th ed.
    Taxonomy down to Order in one of the appendices. Many examples of species, genus, families listed in the text.

    Encyclopedia of mammals by David Macdonald, 1984.
    (DR)   QL703.E53 1984
    Covers mammals only, down to species level.


Superkingdom e.g.: Eukaryot
Kingdom e.g.: Animal
Phylum e.g.: Chordata
Class e.g.: Mammals
Order e.g.: Primates
Family e.g.: Pongidae (Great apes)
Genus e.g.: Pan
Species e.g.: Common chimpanzee