Guidelines for Local Cataloging
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Guidelines for local cataloging

These guidelines should be used when creating local catalog records for materials such as senior thesis, technical reports, government publications, etc. For examples see: Voyager bib 1791382 and bib 1791383.

The record should contain the these elements:

Fixed fields

Leader: Encoding level for local catalog records should be 5 (supplied by template)

008 field: The following needs to be filled.

  • Date 1: Type in year of publication.
  • Language: Defaults to English. If other languages choose from drop down list 
  • Publication status (supplied by template)

Variable fields:

020 – ISBN. Required if present

 024 - 088 – Various report numbers and classification numbers. Required if present

1XX -- main entry (author, corporate body, or conference). Required if present. (100 1b personal name surname; 100 0b personal name forename; 110 2b corporate body; 111 2b Meeting). Use authorized heading if found, search Voyager, then RLIN’s Name Authority file. Only the first corporate body or author should be entered.

245 -- title : subtitle. Required (245 00 if main entry; 245 10 if 1XX field is present. The first indicator indicates whether it is main entry or not.

Either a 1XX field or a 245 00 field is required .

246 3b -- Added title entry. Can be used for series title if needed. If critical to the item.

250 -- Edition. Required if present, and if other than first. Do not include non-significant phrases, like "paperback ed.".

260 -- Place : Publisher, Date.

  • |a Place: strongly recommended. OK to abbreviate, e.g. N.Y.
  • |b Publisher: strongly recommended. OK to abbreviate, e.g. USGPO.
  • |c Date: required if available. If uncertain use [199-?] if decade is known. If decade unknown use [19--?]. Do not enter more than one place or publisher.

300 -- Collation. Strongly recommended. Enter number of pages or 1 v. if one piece, number of pieces if more than one piece (e.g. 2 v.). If open set, enter v. (See MARC fields and subfields used in local cataloging for examples)

5XX -- Notes (See MARC fields and subfields used in local cataloging for examples). Optional.

7XX -- Added entry. Optional. (Use first editor or author if main entry is a corporate body or a conference). (700 1b personal name surname; 700 0b personal name forename; 710 2b corporate body; 711 2b Meeting). Use authorized heading if found, search Voyager, then RLIN/OCLC. Do not add more than 3.