Choosing Between Records with Identical Call Numbers
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Choosing between two or more records with identical call numbers--how to determine which record is the exact match

When in doubt or if there are any questions regarding this procedure, contact Catalog Division.

1. Matching the author main entry (if present)

Most serials are cataloged under title, but some are entered under a personal (100), corporate (110), or conference (111) main entry. If the catalog record has a 1xx field, the entry in this field should appear on the piece in hand. It need not match exactly; sometimes it will appear in a different language or in some other variant form.

If adding from a bookcard, the author main entry will appear first, and the title below it, indented slightly. Again, the exact form of the name may vary.

2. Matching the title

Generally, the title on the title page of the piece should match, word for word, the 245 field, subfield a (and subfields n and/or p, if present). Many serials do not have a title page, in which case the title is instead taken from the cover. Slight variations in title may be accounted for in notes in the 246 or 500 fields.

245 0 0 ‡a International journal for parasitology.
246 1   ‡i Issues for May 1971- have title: ‡a International journal of parasitology

245 0 0 ‡a Financial report for the year ended ...
246 1   ‡i Some issues have title: ‡a Financial report

245 0 0 ‡a Annual report of the Director of the United States Geological Survey to the Secretary of the Interior.
500     ‡a Title varies slightly.

NOTE: Part titles and their designations (subfields p and n), if present, may appear in any order on the piece.

245 0 0 ‡a Journal of physics. ‡ n A, ‡ p General physics.

For the purpose of title matching, 245 subfields b and c, if present, can be ignored.

If adding from a bookcard/form without piece in hand, the title may not match exactly. Check the call no. and number/date information carefully.


If two serials cataloged under title main entry have identical titles as well as identical call nos., it means that the title has changed and then later changed back. At least one of the records will have a 130 Uniform Title Heading field with a parenthetical qualifier following the title. The qualifier will contain a year indicating when the title began. Choose the correct record by examining the dates on both records, and seeing where your volume fits in.

3. Matching numbers and/or dates

For a serial volume to be added to a Voyager record, it must fall within the range of numbers/dates given in the 362 and 008 date fields.

362 field: The first and last volumes of a serial, if known, are recorded in the 362 field. The 362 may include both numerical and chronological designations (but not publication dates, which are given in the 260 field, subfield c). If the serial is still open, only the beginning number/date is given. Uncertain or inexact information may be given in an unformatted note. If the beginning and ending information is unknown, the field is omitted.

008 field: The beginning and ending dates (years only) are also recorded in the fixed fields 008 Date 1 and Date 2. For open serials, the ending year is given as 9999. If part of the date is uncertain, the unknown digits are represented by u's. For serials lacking a chronological designation, the publication dates are given.

Date 1 1984 Date 2 9999
362:0 : ‡a Vol. 1, no. 1 (Jan. 1984)-

Date 1 1962 Date 2 1977
362:0 : ‡a Bd. 36 (1962)-Bd. 51 (1977).

Date 1 1911 Date 2 19uu
362:0 : ‡a 1911-
362:1 : ‡a Ceased publication.

Date 1 1949 Date 2 1989
362:1 : ‡a Began in 1949.
362:0 : ‡a -v. 41, no. 4 (Nov. 1989).

NOTE: Do not add serial volumes to interim records (identified by 599 field THIS IS AN INTERIM CATALOG ENTRY THAT MAY BE INACCURATE OR INCOMPLETE); look instead for a full catalog record.

NOTE: If searching by Journal title, Dates 1 and 2 will be displayed as part of the search results. If searching by call no., only the beginning date (Date 1) is displayed. The dates may be useful in selecting the current record.

When in doubt or if there are any questions about whether a serial volume matches the record, contactl Catalog Division.