Importing Records into Voyager
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Importing records into Voyager (including exporting from OCLC/RLIN)

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Importing records into Voyager

Exporting from RLIN21 / Exporting from OCLC / Importing in Voyager / Z39.50 export/import in Voyager

Exporting from RLIN21 client

Exporting can only be done from the RLIN21 client software, not from the web version. The configuration is handled centrally. To export a record, simply search for it in the client, then click on the "Export" link. The record will be saved to the "work" file on your hard drive ready for import into Voyager.

Exporting from OCLC Connexion

To export from OCLC Connexion, configuration must be set on the computer. In the Tools menu under Options, an export destination file must be set on the Export tab. The standard path is: C:\Voyager\work\connex.dat   Staff may not have permission to create this profile themselves.

Once the configuration is set, log on to the database, search for the record. When it is displayed on the screen, choose Export from the Action menu (or press F5 or use the Export icon). The record will be saved to the "work" file on your hard drive ready for import into Voyager.

Importing records in Voyager

1. Set your preferences.
On the menu bar click on Options>Preferences>General. From the drop-down menu by the Bibliographic Import/Replace profile, select RLINAddConditional if you are working on orders or approvals without pre-loaded records. Or, select BBIDMerge if you are going to overlay existing records. Then click on OK.

2. Open the import file.
On the menu bar click on Record>Import>From New File and choose the file (records from the RLIN client will be in rlin21.bib, records from OCLC will be in CONNEX.DAT). Choose the desired record from the list and click on OK.

3. Save the record.
If you are overlaying a brief record, follow the overlaying procedure, otherwise, simply save the record to the database.

Z39.50 export/import in Voyager

Use the Remote button on Voyager's search box. Double-click on OCLC or RLIN, but NOT BOTH--you may not search both databases at the same time. This will move the database to the right-hand box. Click on Connect. The menu bar will now show Remote search: RLIN or Remote search: OCLC.

When you have retrieved your record(s), you must disconnect. To disconnect, bring up the search box and click on Remote. Click on the Clear button, then on the Connect button. When you are connected to Voyager, the menu bar will show simply Search.

The record(s) you have retrieved should be saved either by clicking on the sailboat for records which are not overlaying, or by following the procedure for overlaying records.