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Command keyword

Below are search codes, field definitions, and names of keyword searches. Most information is as supplied by Endeavor in the system administration user’s guide. Princeton-specific searches such as 040A and 902E are included. A number of other keyword searches have been defined for OPAC use, but they are staff suppressed (i.e., they do not appear in the Builder list) and are not included in this list. Examples are ACCP (for accompanying material, 300B [sic] and 300E), and NOTP (for "notes," a melange encompassing 340A, 502A, and 710B among others). For more information on OPAC command keyword searches see OPAC help for "Advanced keyword."



Name (Builder)

GKEY All 010-9xx fields/subfields Keyword Anywhere
TKEY, JKEY 130 adfklmnoprs
210 ab
222 ab
240 adfklmnoprs
243 adfklmnoprs
245 abh
246 abfnp
247 abfnp
400 knptv
410 knptv
411 knptv
440 anpv
490 av
700 knpt
710 knpt
711 knpt
730 adfklmnoprs
740 anp
773 abst
776 abst
780 abst
785 abst
800 knptv
810 knptv
811 knptv
830 anpv
Title (TKEY)
Journal Title (JKEY)
[JKEY limited to serials.
b/lvl s]
NKEY 100 acqd
110 abcdefgkl
111 acdefgklnpq
400 acd
410 abcdefgkl
411 acdefgkl
700 acdq
710 abcdefgkl
711 acdefgkl
800 acdq
810 abcdefgkl
811 acdefgkl
Author Name
SERI 400 acdknptv
410 abcdefgklnptv
411 acdefgklnptv
440 anpv
490 av
760 abst
800 acdknpqtv
810 abcdefgklnptv
811 acdefgknptv 830 anpv
SKEY 600 abcdfgklmnoqrstvxyz
610 abcdfgklmnoprstvxyz
611 abcdefgklnpqstvxyz
630 adfgklmnopstvxyz
650 abcdvxyz
651 abvxyz
653 a
655 abcvxyz
690 abvxyz
691 abvxyz
ISBN 020 az ISBN
ISSN 022 ayz ISSN
100A 100 acdq Personal Name
110A 110 abcdefgkl Corporate Name
111A 111 acdefgklnpq Conference Name
130A 130 adfklmnoprs Uniform Title (130)
210A 210 ab
222 ab
Title, Key
240A 240 adfklmnoprs
243 adfklmnoprs
Uniform Title
245A 245 abh Title Proper
246A 246 abfnp
247 abfnp
Title, Varying Form
260A 260 a Publisher: Place
260B 260 b Publisher: Name
260C 260 c Publisher: Date
262K 262 k Serial Identifier (Recordings)
262L 262 l Matrix and/or Take Number
400N 400 acd Series: Personal Name
400T 400 knptv Series Title: Personal
410N 410 abcdefgkl Series: Corporate Name
410T 410 knptv Series Title: Corporate
411N 411 acdefgkl Series: Conference Name
411T 411 knptv Series Title: Conference
440T 440 anpv
490 av
Series Title: Title AE
600A 600 abcdfgklmnopqrstvxyz Subject: Personal Name
610A 610 abcdfgklmnoprstvxyz Subject: Corporate Name
611A 611 abcdefgklnpqstvxyz Subject: Conf/Mtg Name
630A 630 adfgklmnoprstvxyz Subject: Uniform Title
650A 650 abcdvxyz Subject: Topical
651A 651 abvxyz Subject: Geo. Name
653A 653 a Subject: Uncontrolled
655A 655 abcvxyz Subject: Genre/Form
690A abvxyz Subject: Local
691A abvxyz Subject: Local Geographic
700A 700 acdq Other Personal Name
700T 700 knpt Other Personal Name: Title
710A 710 abcdefgkl Other Corporate Name
710T 710 knpt Other Corporate Name: Title
711A 711 acdefgkl Other Conference Name
711T 711 knpt Other Conference Name: Title
730A 730 adfklmnoprs AE: Uniform Title
740A 740 anp AE: Related Anal. Title
760A 760 abst Main Series Entry
762A 762 abst Subseries Entry
765A 765 abst Original Language Entry
767A 767 abst Translation
770A 770 abst Supp/Special Issue Entry
772A 772 abst Parent Record Entry
773A 773 abst Host Item Entry
775A 775 abst Other Edition Entry
776A 776 abst Addtl. Physical Form
777A 777 abst Issued with Entry
780A 780 abst Preceding Entry
780T 780 st Preceding Title
785A 785 abst Succeeding Entry
785T 785 st Succeeding Title
787A 787 abst Non-Spec. Relationship
800N 800 acdq Series AE: Personal Name
800T 800 knptv Series AE: Personal Title
810N 810 abcdefgkl Series AE: Corp. Name
810T 810 knptv Series AE: Corp. Title
811N 811 acdefgkl Series AE: Conf. Name
811T 811 knptv Series AE: Conf. Title
830T 830 anpv Series AE: Title
040A 040 a 040A
042A 042 a 042A Temp
440I 440 x Series issn Temp
490A 490 a 490A
902A 902 a 902A Temp
902E 902 e 902E Temp
902G 902 g 902G Temp
904A 904 a 904A Temp
904E 904 e 904E Temp