Voyager Searching: General Info.
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General searching

There are three different searching methods in Voyager's "Record" menu:

Voyager ID numbers

Searches via Voyager record ID numbers are available from the Record menu. Choose the appropriate record type and enter the number in the search window. Note that it is possible to change the record type in the search window.


To search by barcode, use the Record menu to select the barcode search. Type or scan the barcode into the search window.

All other searches (using the search window)

The search window for bibliographic and authorities data is accessed via the Record menu (the Search … option), or by clicking on the fourth icon from the left on the toolbar, the one with the magnifying glass.

Four tabs are available. Non-Keyword searching is the default, and will be the most commonly used. Also available are keyword and builder, which is a guided form of keyword and is described in that section. The History tab provides a list of all searches done in a session, or until it is cleared. It can be used to edit or re-do searches.

Search results cannot be viewed while the search window is active, and nor can other operations be performed. Use the Cancel button to close the search window and make other functions available.