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Princeton's core data set mappings to the schemas currently in use.


MODS 3.3
note: for a detailed MARC to MODS mapping, see LC's documentation: http://www.loc.gov/standards/mods/mods-mapping.html

Field MODS 3.3 mods[@version = 3.3]/...
Title (M) titleInfo/title
Date (M) originInfo/(dateIssued or copyrightDate or dateCreated)
Author/Creator (A) name/namePart
Publication/Distribution/Origin (A) originInfo/place, originInfo/publisher
Extent (M) physicalDescription/extent
Location (Original) location
Unique code or Identifier (Original) (M/A) One or more of: classification, identifier, location/shelfLocator
Location AND Unique code or Identifier (Digital) (M/A) location/url
Conditions governing Access (M) accessCondition
Language/scripts of resource (A) language/languageTerm
Abstract (A) abstract


VRA Core 4

Field VRA Core 4 /vra/collection...
Title (M) work/titleSet/title
Date (M) work/dateSet/date[@type eq 'creation]
Author/Creator (A) work/agentSet/agent
Publication/Distribution/Origin (A) work/dateSet/date[@type eq 'publication'], work/locationSet/location[@type eq 'publication']
Extent (M) work/measurementsSet/measurements
Unique code or Identifier (Original) (M/A) work/locationSet/location[@type eq 'repository]/refId[@type]
Unique code or Identifier (Digital) (M/A) image/locationSet/location[@type eq 'repository]/refId[@type]
Location (Original) (M) work/locationSet/location[@type eq 'repository]/name
Location (Digital) (M) image/locationSet/location[@type eq 'repository]/name
Conditions governing Access (M) work/rightsSet/rights
Language/scripts of resource (A) work/inscriptionSet/inscription/text/@xml:lang
Abstract (A) work/descriptionSet/description


EAD 2002

Field EAD
Title (M) archdesc/did/unittitle
Date (M) archdesc/did/unittitle/unitdate
Author/Creator (A) archdesc/did/origination
Publication/Distribution/Origin (A) NA
Extent (M) archdesc/did/physdesc/extent
Unique code or Identifier (Original) (M/A) archdesc/did/unitid
Unique code or Identifier (Digital) (M/A) archdesc/did/unitid
Location (Original) (M) archdesc/did/repository
Location (Digital) (M) archdesc/did/repository
Conditions governing Access (M) archdesc/descgrp@id=dacs4/accessrestrict and archdesc/descgrp@id=dacs4/userestrict
Language/scripts of resource (A) archdesc/did/langmaterial
Abstract (A) archdesc/did/descgrp@id=dacs3/scopecontent