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mods:abstract [Required if Applicable]

Local Practices and Interpretations

mods:abstract is used to provide a prose description of a resource or set of resources. It is required in collection-level records where it is used to provide narrative overview of the scope, history, provenance, etc. of the collection. The abstract will be supplied by the project initiator and should not be modified by catalogers without consulting the initiator.

Supported Descendant Elements and Attributes

@lang, @script, @xlink:role, @xlink:title

[Required if Applicable] See Linking Parallel Data in Alternate Scripts

XML Examples

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Display Examples

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Content Standards

Other Sources of Documentation

MARC Mappings


Outstanding Questions and Issues

For the current site, abstractFeatured and abstractRecent are also required. The field length of these is limited to 60 and 30 words respectively.

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