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Access Conditions

mods:accessCondition [Required]

Local Practices and Interpretations

This element is used to indicate restrictions on access to or use of the analog resource being described. Two instances are required, one for each of the two type attributes described below.

Supported Descendant Elements and Attributes


[Required] Use the type attribute with the value "restrictionOnAccess" to indicate information about conditions that affect the availability of the materials being described. This attribute may indicate the need for an appointment or the nature of restrictions imposed by the donor, legal statute, repository, or other agency. It may also indicate the lack of restrictions.

[Required] Use the type attribute with the value "useAndReproduction" for information about conditions that affect use of the described materials after access has been granted. This may include information regarding reproduction, publication, or quotation of the described materials. The attribute may also indicate the absence of restrictions, such as when copyright or literary rights have been dedicated to the public.

XML Examples

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Content Standards

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MARC Mappings

506: mods:accessCondition[@type="restrictionOnAccess"]

540: mods:accessCondition[@type="useAndReproduction"]

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