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mods:language [Required if Applicable]

Local Practices and Interpretations

mods:language is used to designate the language in which the content of a resource is expressed. It is not required for non-textual resources such as images. Repeat the language element as necessary.

For use of the attributes lang and xml:lang, see the General Practices section.

Supported Descendant Elements and Attributes


[Optional] Designates which part of the resource is in the language supplied. The values are not controlled.

The following is a possible list of values:


[Required] Must be expressed in code. Use the iso639-2b codes isted in the MARC Code List for Languages


[Required] The value is always "code".


[Required] The value is always "iso639-2b".

XML Examples

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Content Standards

Other Sources of Documentation

MARC Mappings

041, 546 and/or 008 bytes 35-37

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