Princeton University Library MODS Documentation: Linking Scripts

Linking Parallel Data in Alternate Scripts

When two elements (and their descendants) contain the same information in different scripts, they need to be linked, similar to the practice of linking MARC 880 to other data fields in MARC records. To do this, we'll use the xlink standard. In the following short record, the two mods:titleInfo elements are linked:

<mods:mods xmlns:mods="" 
   xmlns:xlink="" version="3.3">
   <mods:titleInfo xlink:role="scriptToggle" xlink:title="3468" script="Arab" lang="arabic">
   <mods:titleInfo xlink:role="scriptToggle" xlink:title="3468" script="Latn" lang="arabic">

This behavior is availble for names, subjects, titles, and notes.

The @script code comes from the iso-15924 standard.