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mods:location [Required]

Local Practices and Interpretations

This element is used to record repository, shelf location, and URL. It includes a text version that indicates the name and location of the repository responsible for the stewardship of the resource and its content, regardless of format. It also includes the appropriate MARC Organization code, the local Voyager location code, and the call number or other shelf locator designation.

Location is also used to link to related resources (as a child of mods:relatedItem)

Supported Descendant Elements and Attributes


[Required] Use two instances of physicalLocation, one coded version and one text version. The coded version will consist of either NjP-G, for EA Libary materials, or NjP for all other materials.


[Required] Use the value "code" or "text" as appropriate.


For the coded instance, the value is always "marcorg".


Use mods:url to record the persistent url for the resource being described. As a top level element, this means a link to the item itself.

To record the URL for the host collection, a consitiuent item, or an item that references this resource, use mods:location under the element mods:relatedItem. See mods:relatedItem for more information.


Required for instances that link to the item itself. The value is always "object in context".


Required for all instances that link to the item itself. The value is always "primary display".


[Required under mods:relatedItem] For instances of mods:url under mods:relatedItem use @note to give a brief description of the linked resource, for example "Finding Aid", "Digital Collection".


[Required] For the Repository instance of mods:location, use this element to record the Voyager location code.

This can be used to generate standard statements (or links to statements) about the rights and access policies.


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