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mods:name [Required if Applicable]

Local Practices and Interpretations

mods:name is a wrapper element used to record all relevant personal, corporate or event names associated with a resource. At least one name is required if applicable. A name must be parsed into parts (i.e. use repeatable subelement mods:namePart as appropriate), and be assigned a role.

Supported Descendant Elements and Attributes


[Required] Use the appropriate type attribute value supplied by the schema: personal, corporate, or conference.


[Required] Princeton's default policy for MODS records is to use the naf as our authority. When the naf is used, the value will always be "naf"

@lang, @script, @xlink:role, @xlink:title

[Required if Applicable] See Linking Parallel Data in Alternate Scripts


[Required] mods:namePart is repeatable. A name should be parsed according to the values prescribed for the type attribute. Give them in the order in which the heading is constructed in the authority file.


[Required for personal names] The values of the type attribute are "date", "family", "given", and "termsOfAddress".


[Required] Used to record the MARC relator code. To record more than one roleTerm, repeat the entire role element.


[Required] The value is always "marcrelator".


[Required] The value is always "code".

XML Examples

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Display Examples

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Content Standards

Other Sources of Documentation

MARC Mappings

100, 110, 111, 700, 710, 711

For names as subjects (600, 610, 611) see mods:name as subelement of mods:subject. In general, practices are the same except a role is not supplied.

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