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See CCO (p. 140) for an explanation of what is to be considered an inscription. Titles should be included in the Title element; text that is an integral part of the work can be transcribed in the Description field if desired.

Local Practices and Interpretations

We will not apply authority control to authors of inscriptions.

Supported Descendant Elements and Attributes


Do not use abbreviations when recording. Use indications such as upper, lower, middle, left, right, center, back.


Transcribe the text of the inscription.


[Required] Use the most specific value appropriate enumerated by the schema.


Use the two character languages codes

XML Examples

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Display Examples

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Content Standards

CCO, part 2, chapter (p. 140)

Other Sources of Documentation

VRA Core 4.0 Element Description and Tagging Examples (p. 11)

MARC Mappings


Mappings from Visuals

NOTES, containing one or more of "Signed, "Inscribed", "Dedication"