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EDI Invoice Loading Procedure
  • Retrieve invoice files via FTP and save them to your local hard drive. From there FTP them to the EDI/Incoming file on the Voyager server.This makes the file available for loading in the Acquisitions client EDI area.

  • Update the Incoming files table in TSSERVER2\OrdProf\EDI log.mdb.

  • In the EDI area of the list bar, click on the Incoming tab. Click on Receive a file. Highlight the appropriate file and click on OK.

  • Scan the list of invoices to be loaded from the file. Search Voyager to be sure none of them are duplicates.

  • Highlight an invoice line and click on load. Note the information in the load report (number of lines and errors) and close the load report popup box.
  • Create an entry for the invoice in the Invoices FY__ table in TSSERVER2\OrdProf\EDI log.mdb.
  • Link any unlinked lines. Use the source file to determine the order the item is being sent against. Note that any serial order must be searched to see if it is still the appropriate order for linking. Often lines do not automatically link because there has been a title change with subsquent creation of a new order.
Archiving the source file and creating files for OnBase Scanning.
  • Archive the source file on your hard drive. This copy should be left unchanged.
  • If the source file is a block of text without line breaks, do a search and replace , using Edit - replace, replacing the apostrophe with ^p. This puts in line breaks and makes the file much easier to read.
  • Use Edit - find to identify UNH lines for individual invoice headers within the file.Divide the file up into separate invoices (invoices run from the UNH line to a UNT line). Save the invoice files to TSSERVER2/ Voyager procedures/OnBase files in folders indicating the month and vendor code to be used in scanning.
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